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Result-Oriented Landlord Only Attorney in Michigan

The Michigan Landlord Lawyer: Attorney Representation in Evictions and Collections Law Since 1994

Our law firm represents the largest landlords in Michigan, but we still have not lost touch with our passion for representing the “mom-and-pop” landlord with a single residential unit. Based in metro Detroit and exclusively serving landlords throughout the state, our services are affordable given our respected and recognized areas of expertise. Affordability does not mean being turned over to inexperienced lawyers, junior attorneys or legal generalists: your presiding board or property managers will be represented by a lawyer who has been called the most qualified in the state in all facets of housing administration and lease enforcement. We simply do not lose eviction cases.

“Get the Deadbeats Out and Make Them Pay!”

This was the invocation of one of the firm's small, single rental clients. Of course, the majority of tenants are good people, have families, aspirations and dreams like anyone else. Nothing, however, can draw the patience of a landlord thinner than consistently being walked down the road of deception or having their properties torn apart. The savvy landlord knows when it’s time to end a business relationship and the savvy landlord is our main client base. We pride ourselves on bringing the power of the law to the landlord to counter politics and laws that tilt the playing field in favor of tenants. In a challenging Michigan economy, it is essential to have an effective, affordable and responsive legal team that renders advice at the client’s convenience. If a tenancy can be saved and it makes business sense to save it, we let the client know.

Our firm represents a large base of federally funded housing authorities and cooperatives. This area of representation is not for the legal generalist; when your organization’s funding source is based on the strictures of federal or state regulation, you are well advised to hire a firm that has no learning curve. The client in this arena needs the right answers, not just any answer or a response of “let me get back to you.”

Evictions and collections, lease or policy reviews, regulatory compliance and personal injury defense are this firm’s specialties. We aggressively use our proven system of collections to make your time, expense and effort worth more than just a judgment document that sits in a dusty tenant file. The goal of the firm is to "bring the money back to the landlord" where it should have been if the lease obligations were complied with.

Your housing team deserves nothing less than the most seasoned legal counsel at a rate that will not strain your annual budget. The Law Offices of Justin L. Smith and our affiliates have provided expert legal counsel to housing authorities and private landlords for over thirty years. Whatever your needs: evictions, landlord-tenant relations, civil rights and fair housing defense, HUD regulatory compliance or employee relations, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have the most effective, experienced and economical legal solutions in Michigan.

There are answers and then there are the RIGHT answers; the same will be delivered when you want them and when you need them and at a rate that no other firm can touch. You will not engage another law firm in the state that combines our 100% success rate with a former HUD-funded manager of 250 subsidized units; all delivered at a budget-friendly rate.