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Attorney Services for the Landlord, the Property Manager, Housing Commission in Detroit

Affordable and Aggressive Legal Representation to Landlords

The Law Offices of Justin L. Smith prides itself on giving its clients an up-front approximation of potential legal expense involved in various legal undertakings. Only then can the informed client choose which battles to fight and when contingencies may result in “good money being thrown after bad.” Many attorney firms will hedge on giving cost estimates and the unsuspecting client will end up paying through the nose with little to show for it. It is our philosophy that the attorney must “fully counsel” its clients and full consultation includes realistically informing the client of the costs involved. Our firm affordably and proudly offers the following services: 

For the Landlord (Federally Funded, Private, Large or Small):

  • Evictions
  • Collections and judgment execution
  • Fair housing and civil rights claims defense
  • Lease, house rules and policy drafting
  • Personal injury and claims defense
  • HUD regulatory compliance
  • Audit findings
  • Public Act 18 and Housing Commission Administration
  • Housing cooperative administration
  • Property acquisitions
  • Risk management
  • Corporations, LLC startup and business act compliance
  • Employment and labor relations 

For Everyone:

  • Property tax assessment appeals
  • Wills, estates and trusts
  • Corporations, LLCs and business start-ups
  • Transactional law and contract claims
  • Premises liability and personal injury claims
  • Personal bankruptcy

Discounts are proudly conferred to those that have honorably served in our armed forces because it is for you that our freedoms are realized, cherished and secured.

Attorney Services for the Landlord, the Property Manager, Housing Commission in Detroit
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