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Testimonials From Our Valued Clientele: The Landlord Lawyer Serving Michigan

Valued Client Testimonials

The Law Offices of Justin L. Smith represents the largest landlords, federally funded housing commissions, housing cooperatives, prestigious property management companies and housing communities in the state with personal attention, value, incomparable experience and 100% success. Our firm takes pride in providing this level of expertise and affordable, same-day consultation to the small and private landlord. Word-of-mouth and satisfied clients drive our business.

"Michigan’s most uniquely qualified legal counsel representing publically-funded housing communities”

“Eradicates the deadbeat tenant and makes them pay.”

“Mr. Smith is an extremely well-respected attorney in the housing community, both privately and publically managed.”

“Mr. Smith not only reviews and understands the changes in the law, but the continual daily changes with HUD’s subsidized housing area. I am not aware of any other person that brings this housing expertise to a housing commission.”

“[Mr. Smith’s] letters should and could be framed. Nothing is left to the imagination with his letters.”

“Exceptionally qualified.”

“[Attorney Justin Smith] has an insider’s understanding of the challenges that face management staff.”

“Mr. Smith is not a legal generalist or merely a practitioner of general landlord-tenant law; he possesses actual knowledge of HUD regulations and the structures that encompass the federally-subsidized housing framework.”

“Unblemished record of success”

“Extraordinary value given his rates and level of expertise.”

Valued Client Testimonials